Transitioning to Full-Time

A lot has happened since you last heard from me!

Hi! Who knew that I’d ever update my little business blog again?

The last piece I wrote was back in April, so if you need a little refresher, my name is Dianna and I’m the founder of TERRA.

I started this business with $100 and that’s been the peak interest for people following along. It has since grown to become more profitable than I could ever imagine, at least this early in it’s journey.

No, I’m not getting rich from this. The profits are still minimal. However, after 10 months of working hard at this day after day, I am happy to announce that I’m finally pursuing TERRA full-time! 🥳

With that being said, I felt like a proper blog post was due. Mostly for my own documentation because I deserve to applaud myself! This sh*t isn’t easy.

Deciding to quit all my freelance commitments and dive into TERRA full-time was a mental weight for the past few months.

“Would I be okay, financially?” Was always the limiting question.

Seeing TERRA grow month over month has helped me gain confidence that this is a viable and sustainable business. But taking the leap from having someone paying me to paying myself is honestly really scary.

With my freelance work, it’s simple: if I’ve ever wanted to make more money, I just seek out more work.

And with having your own business, it’s really the same the concept.

If I want TERRA to become more successful, then I need to seek out more time and put more effort into it.

But this concept wasn’t translating over to TERRA in my mind… because I was trying to seek out more time, but I did not have any more time. My time was being consumed by my clients and their businesses.

Eventually, the mental weight of this grew and grew, until I woke up one day and it just felt right to make the move.

Nothing dramatic led up to this decision, only that I see TERRA on this path of growth, and at this point to keep the momentum going, I have to commit more.

So, here I am, 1 week into working on TERRA full-time… and I’ve never felt more at peace.

Now I just need to figure out this whole ‘paying myself’ thing. If you have any insight of how you allocate your business expenses and what percentage is dedicated to a payroll, please fill me in!

xo, Dianna

P.S. thank you to everyone who gave me words of confidence to help finally say bye to those I used to work for.

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